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Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights

Some music events are unusual not because they’re weird or innovative, but because they’re  carefully curated and full of the presenter’s love of the art form.  Stretch your vocab a bit with one of out-of-the-ordinary events:

On Saturday 10/3, the late-afternoon ‘Liederabend’ at Cal State Long Beach borrows a hallowed European musical tradition, but  presents songs in English, brought together by director GUK-HUI HAN.  Selections include Elizabethan songs by Ivor Gurney; Britten’s appealing and aptly titled ‘A Charm of Lullabies’; Barber’s ‘Hermit Songs’ (a favorite cycle among singers); and selections from Alan L. Smith’s ‘Vignette: Letters from George to Evelyn’.  With talented singers from the school’s vocal program, this is the kind of lovely song-filled afternoon that is becoming more and more rare.  Check it out

Saturday night, witness a truly unique program of ‘Water Games’ with LA CHORAL LAB at Zipper Hall, with a program helmed and created by their director, the multi-hyphenate MICHAEL ALFERA.  The program features several recent works from local composers, as well as Alfera’s new arrangement of Ravel’s hypnotic Jeux d’Eau for piano and choir — he’ll be at the keyboard. Get ticket info

Beethoven’s 9th is always in order… no curation required.  PACIFIC SYMPHONY and PACIFIC CHORALE will perform this barnburner twice this weekend, to open the season with a great big joyous boom.  Click here

Sunday afternoon, head north to hear soprano JULIA BULLOCK and pianist RENATE ROHLFING perform choice selections from Cage, Poulenc, Cowell, Ravel, Revel (no, that’s not a typo) and more, at Ojai’s Logan House.  Bullock is the 2014 Naumburg winner, and this program includes Scandanavian wonders and classic favorites.  The concert will concert is likely to sell out, so reserve ahead

If you’re feeling nostalgic, CONCORDIA CHOIR’s fall hymn festival may be just thing — it’s on Sunday afternoon in Irvine.  Get details

Coming up

Of course, previews for THE INDUSTRY’s long-awaited Hopscotch start on Sunday, and my interview with director YUVAL SHARON will be on the Singerpreneur blog next week.

Don’t miss LA OPERA’s Songs from the Uproar at REDCAT, which starts 10/8.


Thru 10/3 — Gianni Schicchi/Pagliacci, LA Opera

You know the drill — all this and more is on the calendar.  Be sure to tell us what **you’re** doing this season, so we can include it, too.  Have a glorious week, and thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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