New season, new connections

Depending on how you look at it, tonight’s Lister Schmooze is either the last one of the summer or the first of the new arts season.  But it definitely marks a shift in mindset, and a time to get moving.

The fact is, it’s true:  who you know really matters in this business.  And since you can never know everyone, networking needs to be an every day, automatic habit that you’re always working on and prepared for.

Of course, your first step could be to come to the schmooze tonight in Pasadena, as it’s the perfect chance to meet some new people and solidify connections.  But whether or not you can attend this one event, there are lots of things you can do to make this year great.  Just for now, pick one, and do it right now:

  1. Make sure there’s a stack of your best business cards in your wallet, purse, pocket, car, music bag, etc.
  2. Connect with three new people via social media.
  3. Send a quick note to a professional contact you haven’t seen in a while: who should you have coffee with this week?
  4. Look at your calendar and pick two performances in the next month.  Grab a stack of flyers and put them in your bag, or send a quick email asking the presenters to save some for you.  Spread the word about every performance you’re in!

Available tonight?  Come to the schmooze in Pasadena:

Info on Facebook

(The next one will be in October.)  Either way, we hope to see you soon, and will continue to talk about networking in further posts.  Keep at it, and have a great season!


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