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When people ask about your summer, what will you say this year?  You have a couple of weeks to add some spice to your story, so get out your calendar and add a few of these:

This Saturday, PACIFIC SWINGLINE both reminds us of the golden age of big bands and the era when American music made the world swing, but of the versatility of fine classical artists:  the group is made up of cross-genre performers who throw themselves into everything they do, and the program is just the thing to ride out the summer.  The event is at that legendary home of kosher (yes, kosher) Chinese food in Hollywood — Genghis Cohen, and there’s just a $10 cover.  Get details here

unSUNg_teal_smhdrAnd of course, this Sunday brings the last of this season’s unSUNg concerts in Glendale, and we’re particularly excited by this powerhouse program, which includes the debut of AMY ENGELHARDT’s ‘Cleopatra: Death of a Queen’; JONATHAN KUPPER’s very timely ‘Facebookatorio’;  three songs for soprano and marimba by GEORGE N. GIANOPOULOS; a look at the travails of aging in fairyland with DALE TRUMBORE’s ‘Snow White at 60’; and MARIA NEWMAN’s songs for soprano and bass clarinet, based on Susan Musgrave’s ‘Kestrel and Leonardo’. The reception after the concert will offer cooling drinks and fresh summer snacks.  Tickets are just $15, and available online or at the door:

For early music buffs and those who’s like to try it out, don’t miss the third annual “Early Music Singalong”, a unique event and a great time presented by JOUYSSANCE EARLY MUSIC ENSEMBLE.  Music lovers sometimes feel the distance of time and style with music so many hundreds of years old, and this is a wonderful way to bridge the gap — by getting personally and joyfully involved.  The beauty-steeped fun takes place on Sunday afternoon, 8/30, at St. Bede’s in Mar Vista/West LA.  Be sure to register early (by 8/26) so they can have a score ready for you — a limited number of scores will be available for those who haven’t RSVP’d.  For details and to sign up, click here

Coming up

We had an unusual amount of singing stagecraft available this summer, but the regular opera season starts up again in September, with companies large and small planning many delicious shows for us.  Get your seats early…

In the meantime, have fun, be good (uh-huh), and as always, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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