Dolly’s two cents on balancing a career

Country music has its own brand of wisdom that sometimes doesn’t translate.  Country legends, however, speak with a message that is loud and clear, and the Iron Butterfly herself knows of what she speaks.  After a long career in many areas of entertainment, this woman has maintained a positive attitude and grounded perspective.  We should all be so blessed.

Llist_Quote_23_2015_fullPop quiz:  Which things are taking up more time in your life than they deserve?

  1. Housework
  2. Shopping
  3. Paperwork
  4. Manicures
  5. Social media (Blogs don’t count, of course!)
  6. Phone calls
  7. Sock wrangling
  8. Eyeglass repair

There has to be something in there somewhere that can either be outsourced, minimalized or eliminated.  Find your time suck and vaporize it — good luck!

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”
Dolly Parton

Take it further

12 Stupid Things People Care About Way Too Much — Mark Manson
You probably don’t even realize you’re doing them…

Need a boost? This beautiful book is priced in the “minor investment in my future” range, but is worth a look.  (There are plenty of others that can help you rethink your current rut, too!)

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