Brain food first

Getting fed isn’t just about those rumblings from your stomach.  Every project needs food, whether it’s time, sleep, art, a walk, a cup of coffee, or an apple a day.

Llist_Quote_24_2015Need some ideas?  Try a weekly Artist’s Date (with thanks to la diva Julia Cameron).  Pick a “yes day” (or even a “yes hour”), where you dive into anything that comes up (within reason — be safe!).  Play deal roulette with Groupon.  Or even just put pen to paper and see where it takes you.

Have fun.

“The unfed mind devours itself.”
Gore Vidal

More leads

Feeding Creativity — Archive   (The Budding Table)
This blogger has created a whole series of posts about what inspires her art and her cooking.  (Sounds like a good approach for the blogging musicpreneurs out there!)

A classic for music brains:  Oliver Sacks’ focused and fascinating book about the effects of music and its relationship to the brain is a great read, and a must for passionate musici.

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