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Music and mathematics are intermingled in intrinsic ways we’re not always aware of, and sometimes it’s just fun.  In anticipation of our third season of unSUNg: Songs Uncommon and New, which starts Sunday, June 28, here are just the first 143 reasons to be part of our very exciting summer:

  • st_marks_courtyard3 concerts
  • 58 songs
  • 17 composers
  • 61 performers
  • 3 reception menus
  • 1 beautiful venue

Read more about these highly unusual programs by visiting the unSUNg website, where you can order tickets online, as well, if you wish.  Tickets are just $15, with discounts for current members of Lauri’s List.  Be sure to stay for creative hors d’oeuvres after each concert, and do some meeting-and-greeting with the performers, composers and presenters.  (Bring your business cards!)


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  1. This may be very simple math (as calculus seemed a little over the top), but the folks at TED posed a tangentially related question that amused today. It’s a fascinating talk that gets more down-and-dirty with the numbers:

    • So sorry we’ll miss you! Unfortunately, this is strictly a summer project, but please do join our mailing list so we can keep you posted for next year. Hopefully we can catch you next time around! (In the meantime, feel free to tell a friend…)

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