UPDATED: Summer’s coming — start planning ahead!

We’re shifting into our reduced publication schedule for summer next week, so now’s the time to send us any press releases, calendar submissions, etc.  We’ll be publishing our events newsletter only every two weeks into September, so our usual recommendation of sending everything at least three weeks ahead is especially important, to make sure your event doesn’t fall through the cracks.  Submission deadlines follow:

  • For events June 26 to July 9, send info by 6/23.
  • For events July 10 to 23, send info by 7/7.
  • For events July 24 to Aug 6, send info by 7/21.
  • For events Aug 7 to 20, send info by 8/4.
  • For events Aug 21 to Sept 3, send info by 8/18.
  • For events Sept 4 to 10, send info by 9/1.  (mini-issue to cover Labor Day weekend)
  • For events Sept 11 to 17, send info by 9/8.

We’ll return to our weekly schedule with the Sept 11-17 issue. 

NOTE: The schedule above has been adjusted to bring us back to the weekly schedule earlier than expected.  Just because we love you!

Even when we’re on our regular schedule, we do recommend that event information come to us at least three weeks in advance, simply because our workload shifts a great deal from week to week, and we’d like a chance to get your event onto the calendar early enough so visitors can plan ahead.  Send us your press releases, flyers, or whatever you have available, just as soon as it’s ready, and we’ll load it asap.

Thanks, all — we look forward to seeing what you’re up to!


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