Report from the trenches: ‘The Discord Altar’ is bringing audiences to tears

Arts for Social Awareness Project’s
first production is a must-see

5 chances left to catch the new opera in NoHo

It’s new.  It’s improvised.  And it’s an experience you won’t forget. The Discord Altar will touch your heart and inspire you.  It could even change the world.

Collaborating with Fugitive Kind Theater, this project from OperaWorks is part of their new series designed to use the arts to address important social issues, and to inspire real change.

The show stars classically-trained singers Babatunde Akinboboye, Julia Aks, James Hayden, Anjelica McRae, Laura Parker, Vincent Robles, Alina Roitstein, and Annie Sherman, who develop the libretto and improvise the opera anew for each performance.  Each show is followed by a short talk-back session with representatives from local homeless shelters and advocates.  This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the realities of homelessness, set aside stereotypes and gain a deeper understanding of the daily state of being for so many people of all ages and backgrounds.

Discord Altar cast

Ann Baltz - OperaWorks
Note from Ann Baltz:

OperaWorks is heading into week #3 of 4 with our production of “The Discord Altar”. This is the first production in our new Arts for Social Awareness Project (ASAP) and “The Discord Altar” puts a human face on homelessness. The libretto is written and the music is improvised nightly by the 6 singers, a percussionist and myself at piano. After each performance we have guests from local shelters speak at a talkback session. The entire process has been so fulfilling, and the audience, guests, and critics have given us terrific reviews.
People have told us they just didn’t know what to expect and what this pieces was going to be like, but once they’ve seen it, they are so very moved. (Sunday’s performance ended with about a 20 sec silence before anyone applauded. Lots of tears.) It is really an amazing piece of theater, opera, performance art — and it has a strong message about the tragedy and the hope for those who are homeless. We hope you can join us at one of these last few performances.       —  Ann

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