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Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The annual lovefest comes with ready-made romance (or not) in nearly every vocal form, so hang on to your hats:

Figaro continues to take over the Southland with a staging of The Guilty Mother, Beaumarchais’ third and final work of the trilogy, at UCLA on Friday and Saturday.  The play is presented by the venerated LA THEATRE WORKS, in collaboration with LA Opera. This is indeed a non-musical work, but well worth seeing, even for the most song-obsessed: it offers added insight into the collective mindset of the French in revolution (the time and place where the Figaro stories are set), and the plot is incorporated into Ghosts of Versailles, which continues downtown.  More details

On the same campus and also starting Friday, The Two Figaros gets its West Coast premiere as presented by the students of Opera UCLA.  Mercadante’s 1835 sequel is rarely performed, but after Salzburg and New York got a glimpse of it in 2011, we now get a chance to see it for ourselves. General admission is just twenty bucks, and this is a good show to catch while you can.  Get more information

On Sunday afternoon, NANM’s Georgia Laster Branch presents their 15th Annual Festival of Spirituals, with combined choirs, special artists, and a gorgeous, truly American tradition.  If you haven’t experienced one of these beautiful events, here’s your chance.  Click here

For those who lean toward the anti-Valentine, Sunday night brings ‘The Other Side of Valentine’s Day’ from SYNCHROMY, one of LA’s most prominent and promising composer groups.  (Be sure to get on their mailing list.) The program celebrates “love gone sour”, and includes several vocal sets from composers Nicholas Deyoe, John Harbison, Nick Norton and Jason Barabba, as well as works for trombone by Richard Valitutto, Tina Tallon, Scott Worthington, and Dante de Silva.  The concert includes several premieres, and the whole shebang is performed by pianist RICHARD VALITUTTO, soprano JUSTINE ARONSON and trombonist MATT BARBIER.  The “concert/therapy session” is at the Blue Whale, and just $10 at the door.  For a very entertaining event description and complete list of works programmed, click here


2/15 — Tesserae again presents ‘A Wedding Cantata’, this time in Fullerton

3/1 — **The next “schmooze” is here!**  Join the Listers for some casual hanging out on the Westside. (Non-members are quite welcome.) Starts at 6:30pm, location TBA – stay tuned!

Thru 3/1 — ‘Ghosts of Versailles’, LA OPERA

Thru 4/25 — ‘Figaro Unbound’ (Various events), LA OPERA


3/7-8 — Dead Man Walking at The Broad

Whether you’re with a sweetie or other loved ones this weekend, give someone a big hug, enjoy the bounty of chocolate and have a great week.  And of course, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh


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