Valentine’s ideas for a working weekend

This post is less about singers and more about a romantic nudge for singers.  When holidays fall on the weekends, performers may find traditional celebration tricky, as gigs usually come first.  But if you’re booked on Saturday, you can still spend time with your sweetie without the usual expense and scheduling issues of dinner.  Try one of these, whenever time permits.  (We’ll assume you can work the card in somewhere.):

  • Flowers:  A morning or afternoon stroll through a gorgeous garden.
  • Dinner:  A shared culinary adventure via cooking class (or gift certificate for a later one).
  • Dress up for High Tea at Chado (with three SoCal locations to choose from), for British- or Asian-style teas from a huge menu. Lunch favorites include the Limerick (cucumber sandwiches rimmed with scallions) and wonderful soups.  If you’d rather go on a weekday (recommended), grab a Groupon.
  • Go boating:  Gondola rides are available in Venice, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, etc., and some can even do the singing for you (or not, if you prefer). Pedal boats are also have a long tradition in the area, and other types of watercraft are firmly entrenched as well.  Rentals are available in locations all across SoCal, e.g.
  • Something that sparkles:  Can’t spring for your own diamonds this year?  Ogle the goods that can’t (and perhaps can) be yours.  Get tickets for the International Gem and Jewelry Show, Feb 27 – Mar 1st at the LA Convention Center.  Goldstar has discounted tix

Don’t let our weekend-intensive careers eradicate the chance to bond, even if it’s just a field trip with a friend.  Have some fun this weekend!

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