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Goya to Granados to IOC

Francisco Goya

This 18th-century painter didn’t know how far his work would reach. (Of course, none of us do.)

Most artists tend to focus on one or two art forms, so they can achieve mastery in those disciplines.  But whatever the specialty, a rich artistic life can bring inspiration from just about any corner.  Creativity isn’t limited to one area of life, and when something grabs hold of a creative mind, you never know where the results will pop up.

So when Enrique Granados found himself captivated by a series of paintings by Francisco Goya, he wrote a piano suite in 1911, which is difficult, evocative and still considered one of his own masterpieces.  But he wasn’t done.  In 1915, he completed a one-act opera, also called Goyescas, where young bohemians frolic and share the spectrum of human emotion.  The characters are inspired by the paintings, and the composer steals bits from his own piano suite, making the creative lineage that much stronger. The opera is not often performed, but is full of Granados’ particular charm.  Now we have a chance to see it locally.

Independent Opera Company brings this operatic vision to the stage with two performances this weekend, directed by Cynthia Leigh and with music led by artistic director Galina Barskaya.  The leads are double-cast, so check the website to see who’s performing when.


Independent Opera Company presents
Enrique Granados’


Friday, February 27, 7:30pm
Saturday, February 28, 7:30pm

St. Andrews Lutheran Church — Nolte Hall
11555 National Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025


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