January resolution round-up

One more set of links to help with your annual soul-searching, goal-setting, visionary extravaganza!  To help get the wheels turning, here are five areas that may deserve some attention in your life in the arts, with vital information from non-arts sources that you may have overlooked:


Even it out:  A new Internet service promises to smooth out the roller coaster of a freelancer’s income, making the patchwork life a little easier to bear.  Even costs just $5 a week, includes interest-free loans for leaner weeks, and the possibility of emergency assistance.  Sounds good, but it won’t be for everyone:  check out this article from Newsweek, which sketches out the pros and cons a bit. The service is currently invite-only, but you can get in line by clicking “Request an invite” on their website.

Raise the income bar: Teaching what you know is a concept most musicians know well.  This more generally-focused article may get you thinking about what else you could teach, and even where else you might teach it…

“Create Side-Hustle Income Teaching What You Already Know”Entrepreneur


Make 2015 the year you commit to getting your rest! An incredible rise in sleep research has resulted in new evidence that point to slumber’s impact on biochemistry, general health, focus, immunity, weight and much more — even fairness.  Apps like SleepBot for Android and iOS can help you track your level of “sleep debt” (or surplus!) and help figure out your personal snoozing needs. It can even record sounds, movement and more.  To learn more about the current thinking around bedrest and “sleep hygiene”, read on:

“37 Science-Backed Tips for Better Sleep Tonight” HuffPost

“10 Ways to Make This the Year You Sleep Better”Entrepreneur


This should be an annual ritual:  take a look at your security safeguards, change passwords as needed, and see if there are areas where you need to beef up the virtual walls.  A few tools:

“Five Best Password Managers”Lifehacker

“10 Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Privacy”Forbes


Review and ponder how you’re using your marketing tools, including social media, your website and direct advertising.  Have your needs and projects changed?  Are you focused on your niche audience? Where is there room for improvement and experimentation?  Which activities are no longer worth it?  These articles may help get the wheels turning:

“Start Off 2015 on the Right Foot With These Social Media Tips”Hootsuite

“10 Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Privacy”Forbes

[Video] “Could Your Posts Pass Guy Kawasaki’s Social Media Test”?Entrepreneur

the-footbridge-1436278-m…and of course,


These tips from biz-minded sources also apply mightily to your artistic career, with just a little rewiring of your own BizBrain. Put them to work to make the most of the new year:

“The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Business Plan”Entrepreneur

“5 Resolutions Even The Busiest Entrepreneurs Can Complete In 1 Hour Or Less”Forbes

“5 Ways to Sustain a Long-Term Career Focus”Entrepreneur

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