Adding insult to ‘insult’

We all have our moments.
We all have our moments.

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Oh, how Norman Lebrecht loves both to insult and be insulted…  The Slipped Disc blogger adds his ‘humph’ to a new Lexus ad circulating the Web, referencing a thoughtful but perhaps overly serious response by Australian cellist Paul Ghica.

The ad is clearly satirical, and is actually rather clever.  But even if it’s empirically offensive (which is the subject of some debate), Lebrecht’s need to add a further “slap in the face” in his pithy post by calling the ad’s musicians (probably actors?) “old and creepy” is baffling:  as one commenter rightly replied, “only one of the musicians is old and none of them are creepy. ”

The other comments lie on both side of the fence, but include several nudges for the increasingly curmudgeonly blogger to lighten up.  (Particularly after last month’s troll-y bashing of the Met’s outgoing press maven, we seem to see an attitudinal pattern.  La Cieca was certainly not amused…)

..and back to Lexus

The ad under scrutiny is embedded below.  One alternative version has already been offered here, although it’s a tame salve to bruised classical egos rather than an effective commercial.

The question:  Is this something to be truly worried about, or just a tempest in a global teapot?

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