Spooky stretch for Hallow’s Eve

This gargoyle's gonna get you!

Step a bit outside the classical box for a big dose of seasonal spectacle

Although we at the List are pretty focused on classical vocal music in all its forms, our members are a diverse and wildly creative group, a community of artists who both perform and enjoy many genres, styles and art forms.  This week, we look at some local happenings that cross over, and sometimes even star, our members, giving us the perfect excuse to mix it up a bit this fall:
Frankenstein the Musical - poster clip, starring Jonas Sills


Frankenstein: The Musical

It doesn’t get more Halloween-y than this, and the wildly popular show at Long Beach’s Ernest Borgnine Theatre stars our own Jonas Sills as the legendary (if misguided) doctor.  You can see a clip of Jonas in action, and check out the show on the Facebook event page.  Runs through November 1, with tickets ranging $10-25.  (The FB ticket link seems to have gone awry:  use this.  But hurry!)

Jesse Merlin as Dr. Carl Hill -- 'Re-Animator, the Musical'


Re-Animator, The Musical

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s now-classic tale, this production took L.A. by storm in 2011, winning awards, raves and a very extended run.  Young medical student Herbert West (reprised by Graham Skipper) and the wicked Dr. Carl Hill (played unforgettably by Lister and operatic bass Jesse Merlin, pictured above) return in a revamped show that has already been extended to November 23, and will be visiting Las Vegas in January.  The return engagement at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood is directed, produced and co-written by Stuart Gordon, who also directed the movie.  Get your $25 tickets asap. Then wear old clothes, get there early and sit in the front row “splash zone” for the most immersive experience.  (Just be prepared for the “ewww”.) Click here to visit the website and learn more.

Vox Lumiere's 'Phantom'Vox Lumiere’s ‘Phantom of the Opera’

Whether you love or hate the musical that’s plagued opera singers with misinformation since the ’80s, give Vox Lumiere’s unique creation a try — this is definitely not that.

Start with the classic silent film.  Add electrifying music, dance, technology, jaw-dropping costumes and interaction between screen and live performers, and the show at downtown’s LA Theatre Center will rock your world.  The cast is a mix of performers from various backgrounds, including classical, and with four more performances planned at this point (two in November, two in December), it’s too good to miss.  Get tickets ($40-75, with group rates available) and learn more.  You can even stream or download the soundtrack if you like to do your homework first.  (Speaking of which, check out this list of “who our shows are NOT for“.  Love it.)

jack-o-lantern trio
Whatever you do, have a good time tonight.  May there be many treats in your future!  


Originally published in Next 7 — Vocal events thru 11/6/14

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