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The first big weekend of the new season!  No excuse for staying home…

Huge concerts:  LA PHIL does Beethoven all weekend, including the ‘Choral Fantasy’, with GUSTAVO DUDAMEL at the helm and the help of the LOS ANGELES MASTER CHORALE. Next weekend, LAMC starts their season with an intriguing cinematic opener.  Stay tuned…

Film on music:  Get thee to the Nuart in West L.A. for midday screenings of the cherished and restored 1984 documentary, ‘Tosca’s Kiss’, presented by DUSTIN HOFFMAN.  Hoffman made his directorial debut with last year’s celebrated ‘Quartet’, and now he bring us this unforgettable old-made new documentary, exploring Italy’s ‘Casa di Riposa’, a retirement home for opera singers, and uncovers truth and much humor about life, aging and the power of music.  For details, click here

We have another pair of very different takes on the same opera this weekend, with the continuation of Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘The Mikado’ in Thousand Oaks and Chapman University’s ‘Hot Mikado’, a musical adaptation of the G&S gem, set in a jazz club and heated with all that goes with it. They’re both on the calendar.

ISANGO ENSEMBLE, the group from South Africa getting raves all over the world, turns Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ upside down with their own cultural flair.  They’re at The Broad in Santa Monica just this weekend, so grab your tickets if you can.  Get started

More?  Try ‘Aida’ in San Luis Obispo; the REAL VOCAL STRING QUARTET in Claremont; NOVA VOCAL ENSEMBLE’s ‘Folk Mass‘; or ‘American Tapestry’ from LONG BEACH CAMERATA SINGERS.  There are dozens of new events on the calendar, so be sure to comb through it carefully — your own personal hidden gem is in there.

As always, have a wonderful week, and thank you for supporting live singing!


Lauri D. Goldenhersh


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*This post echoed from Lauri’s 10/9/14 column intended for the Clickable Chamber Music NewsletterDue to technical difficulties (oh, how we love them), the column appears only here this week.  The original is a text-based email newsletter, and images, links and details may differ here.

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