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Four ways to put the List to work


If you make art in the woods and no one knows…

Of course it’s still art, but will it get you anywhere?  Will it engage, provoke or inspire anyone but you and the critters?  Your projects need attention, and the List can help.  As the new season gains some steam, we’d like to challenge you to find new ways to spread the word, and the List is a great place to start.  If you haven’t started putting these tools and resources to use yet, pick one or two and go for it.  You know the rules — be polite and play nice.  But that said, we want you to tell the world what you’re up to.

1.  The Lister Calendar

OK, you’re probably already aware of this one.  But are you checking to make sure your shows are on the calendar, even if you’re not the one in charge of publicity?

  • If you’re in a show or concert that involves classical singers, drop us a note, including details, links and images, and we’ll load it for you.
  • Go one better:  get the producers to send us a review request!  If we have a community reviewer available, we’ll send them out to cover your event.

2.  The Boards

Not just for jobs and gigs, we have boards for various purposes:

  • The Board:  (OK, this one’s for jobs & gigs, viewable by full members only.)
  • Training Board:  If you’re teaching or promoting something that would benefit vocal pros, make sure it’s here as well as on the calendar.
  • Scoops:  This is the newbie in the boarderhood, and you might not realize that anyone with a login can post to it.  Use this to post anything you want to shout about:
    • Bravos:  Give a shout-out to someone and celebrate an award, a new job, etc.
    • Like This!  Have a new social page we should follow?  Send us a link and a desription.
    • Deals:  Could be anything from ticket discounts to special offers on your services to something you’ve found on the web (within reason).  Make it relevant, be specific, and let us know when it expires.
    • Announcements:  This is the place for press releases, crowdfunding campaigns, charity drives, etc.  Let us know what you’re up to!
    • Schtuffmarkt:  Have something to sell?  If it’s of particular interest to Listers, give us a good description and contact info here.  Send us photos by email, and we’ll add them in from the admin side, so your listing looks great!

Registered users can post to any of these boards without administrative help.  But feel free to yell if you need a leg up.

Not registered with us?  Submit your listing here.

3.  Advertising

You probably already know that we’re not an ad-driven site.  But we do make advertising opportunities available, both to give a little boost to our financial resources and to allow you to reach our readers and visitors with things, services, deals and opportunities they need.

  • Banner ads:  These are most often placed in our newsletters, but can be placed on selected pages of the site, as well.  Starting at just $15 per insertion (for newsletters) or $35/week (for site banners), sizes and placement are somewhat flexible, and it’s the best deal you’ll see all year.  Repeats are even cheaper.  Don’t have graphics?  We can work up a simple ad for you, at very low rates.
  • Info packets:  At any time, you can send us flyers, business cards or other materials (within reason) for your business or service, and we’ll make them available at our events and workshops, and include them in mailed welcome packets for new members. Inclusion is at the discretion of our administrators, but once you get your pieces to us, this service is free of charge. If you have any questions about whether your materials would be a good fit for our members, please contact us with a description of what you have in mind.

4.  Directories

Are you listed with us in all the ways possible?  We offer specialized directories of church and temple singers to make it easy for registered users to find singers with specific experience (with more specialty lists on the way), but we also offer several topic resources for the convenience and success of our visitors and/or members.  If one of these applies to you, check out the POST and APPLY menus for details, or contact us.

  • Singer-to-Singer (S2S) Directory:  Designed to help us help you, we encourage our members to patronize the services of other vocal pros whenever possible.  Do you own another business or offer a service that your musical colleagues should know about?  List it here, and send us a picture or two so we can spruce it up and make you look good.  Or get fancy, and contact us about very affordable custom-designed listings — they’re like mini websites!
  • Caroling Directory:  (Viewable by members only)  If you’re running a caroling company, be sure you’re listed with us.  This resource is available to our full members as a convenience, so they can keep track of who’s who.  We contact listed companies each year and update info with their help, and from their websites.  If you’re not a member, get in touch with us and we’ll send you a copy of any info we have listed now, so we can make sure you’re up-to-date.
  • Sites the List Teachers:  (Viewable by members only)  Use this resource to spread the word about your teaching “studio”, whether it’s an actual dedicated room or a traveling in-home service.  This directory is available to our full members to help them support their teaching practices, and we’re always looking for new and updated listings.
    • NOTE:  This is a members-only resource for this reason:  we encourage you to tell each other about your experience with these sites!  Please keep it polite, of course, but if you have information about any of these online teacher directories that your colleagues should know about, please do share your thoughts.
  • ProBuilders:  Are you a teacher or coach with a strong history of working with established professional singers?  Not everyone is eligible for this one, but for those who qualify, the listing is free with your full membership.  We want to help you find quality students, and to help them find you!  We’re looking for voice teachers, collaborative pianists, rep coaches, language coaches, acting coaches, body and movement coaches (Alexander, Feldenkreis, Reiki, etc.)…  What do you bring to the table?
  • Higher Ed:  If you’re teaching in a SoCal vocal program, please check out the info we have here.  This publicly-accessible resource is, again, created for convenience, and we want to make sure your info is up-to-date.  Your department probably has standard information available; if something on our site differs, let us know, or submit a new listing — we’ll get it fixed asap.
  • Web Links:  Do you have a web resource or other site that our members should know about?  This isn’t intended for artist websites, but if you blog about the arts, work for a helpful nonprofit, or have a favorite resource site we’ve missed, please do post it or send it to us.  These link lists are always in a work in progress!


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