Book review: ‘Never Eat Alone’ reminds us that networking is about other people, too

never-eat-alone_coverThe new and expanded edition of one the nation’s business best-sellers has been released into the wild, and it contains some very Listerly ideas…

With Never Eat Alone, author Keith Ferrazzi has honed in on essential tenets of life in and beyond business.  What is unusual about his approach to relationship-building is that he somehow manages to encourage ambitions while demanding humanity and a sense of service in all dealings.  We’ve grown so accustomed to the classic dog-eat-dog mindset of business that it has seeped into many other areas of life, making even simple manners beyond the capabilities of too many harried, busy people.  It is remarkably refreshing to see an author fully embrace the benefits of making true connections and nurturing them into real relationships.  Since its initial arrival in 2005, this book has changed the way many people see the act of networking, and this is the sort of thinking that can change the world.

The new expanded edition, created with co-author Tahl Raz, adds ideas on interaction within the digital world, a change that reflects and necessarily responds to the way the social media revolution has altered our sense of what a relationship is.  In an age when “friend” can mean almost anything and off-the-cuff remarks may be stored for posterity, both awareness and smart maintenance of our digital assets are absolutely critical as we build new connections and develop an understanding of what they mean to our existing relationships.

This book is essential, outlining and illuminating complex ideas in a way that makes them easy to grasp.  We strongly recommend Never Eat Alone in any form you can get your hands on — hardback, Kindle or the original edition, available as an audiobook.  You may find yourself respecting your friends and colleagues as much as your goals.

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