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Things are slowing down.  Time for Arnold Palmers, mint juleps, watermelon and homemade ice cream.  This week we have a few more season finales, but that summer feeling is already taking over, changing the pace a bit.  Set the tone with one of these:

The OJAI MUSIC FESTIVAL starts on Thursday, helmed this year by pianist JEREMY DENK.  With a mix of music and stellar talents, even just taking a day for a road trip will yield a very satisfying experience.  Be sure to plan your visit, and get tickets, maps, etc. before you go, so your day goes smoothly and you can enjoy every note.  Also, a heads-up: don’t assume their concerts are limited to the usual afternoon and evening.  The Sunday morning hymnfest starts at 8am (yes, really), but should be well worth the balm for the soul.  Get details and the complete festival calendar

Legal eagles and their sidekicks return to Disney Hall for a “concert extraordinaire” as LA LAWYERS PHIL and their associated chorus, LEGAL VOICES show their prowess with sheet music rather than briefs.  Made up of lawyers, judges and others who work in the legal field, the group nevertheless includes many members who are trained and even professional musicians (including quite a few Lister members who also work in the field).  The choir is prepared by our own JIM RAYCROFT, and the combined ensemble is helmed by artistic director GARY S. GREENE, ESQ.  This concert includes guest appearances by KFI-AM’s BILL HANDEL and actress JUNE LOCKHART, and music ranging from Dvorak to film scores and more.  To learn more about the organization or get tickets, click here

SONGFEST concerts this week include a concert to celebrate a new CD from composer JAKE HEGGIE; piles of music with California connections; and a special presentation of Schumann’s Liebesfrühling Op. 37, bringing Rückert’s romantic poetry into a modern light with a program entitled “Clara and Robert Schuman’s Spring of Love“, devised and coached by LIZA STEPANOVA and sung by the festival’s young artists.  These concerts at the Colburn School are free and open to the public, as are all of SongFest’s many concert events.  Click for details


Don GiovanniLA Met, thru 6/15
ToscaRepertory Opera Company, thru 6/21
The GondoliersSierra Madre Playhouse, thru 6/21
SONGFEST free concerts at the Colburn School — thru 6/27

There’s always more to be had on the calendar, and please do send us anything we’re missing.  (PR tends to slow down in the summer, too, so we’re always afraid we haven’t heard about something great!)  As always, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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*This post echoed from Lauri’s 6/5/14 column in the Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter. The original is a text-based email newsletter, and images, links and details may differ here.

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