Why schmooze?

You’ve probably heard about our gatherings by now — casual hangouts in various locations, designed for networking, asking questions, meeting new folks and connecting with old friends.  They’re usually on Sunday or Monday nights, there’s always food involved, and the groups tend to be small, averaging 10-12 people, so you’ll have a chance to meet everyone there and have a shot at a real chance to connect.  We also make our “Schmooze packs” available at every event (even our workshops), so if y ou can’t come, you can send your flyers, etc. ahead, and we’ll pass them out.  (Contact us for more info.)

“But I’m really busy.  Why should I make time for an optional event?”

Take these ideas for a spin:

  • Our business is always evolving.  Chances are, if you’re not constantly making new contacts and building new connections, you’ll eventually be left behind.
  • It’s a chance to practice your schmoozing skills:  get better at 1) chatting up; 2) pitching your work; 3) being generally charming; and 4) special skills like the Double-Clutch Card Drop.  (You’ll have to show up to find out about it!)
  • Promote yourself and your projects!  Bring your business cards, flyers, coupons, postcards, CDs, or whatever you’re trying to get out there. This is your chance!
  • Ask questions or give feedback about the List:  Hands down, this is the best time to talk to the Team — tell us what you need, and let’s see if a solution is at hand.

We hope you’ll join us at one of the Lister Schmoozes scheduled now and in the future.  We’re still nailing down venues, so we’ll post more details as each date gets closer.  But here’s the list of events for 2014:

February 23 — Glendale

March 10 — Azusa

April 21 — Santa Monica

May 19 — Downtown LA

June 1 — Ontario

August 24 — South Bay

September 7 — Westside

October 5 — Pasadena

November 3 — Culver City

See you there!


A little inspiration, with or without the Listers:

The Golden Rule of Schmoozing: The Authentic Practice of Treating Others Well by Aye Jaye
     (Various formats available)

This book may surprise you:  where some see the schmooze as sales, persuasion, even manipulation, Los Angeles magician Aye Jaye has tapped into the art of finding real connection with the people you encounter throughout your life, right down to family and friends.  This book will undoubtedly teach you a few things about yourself.  It might even make you a better person.  We particularly recommend the audiobook, read by the energetic and fascinating Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller).

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