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Julian Treasure:
“Why architects need to use their ears”

Whether it’s habit or real frustration, musicians gripe quite a bit about the acoustics in various concert halls, churches, rehearsal rooms and other venues.  The concern is certainly based in reality, as the way a space sounds plays a major role in our ability to do our jobs.  But architect and functional innovator Julian Treasure takes that concern further, sharing stunning examples of why ambient noise affects health, societal behavior and productivity, particular in work and education.  Treasure’s goal is to encourage designers to focus not just on appearance, but the experience of the buildings they create.

Obviously, teachers and musicians will find this topic particularly relevant to their daily lives. Be sure to take a good look at the chart showing the relationship between noise and heart rate in teachers



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Site and Sound, by Victoria Newhouse – Hardcover

This gorgeous book is beautifully photographed, and features many of the most high-profile sites of arts-focused architecture around the world.  An excellent choice for a musician’s coffee table or as a gift for a colleague or student, the book shows as well as it tells, creating a sort of “fingers do the walking” tour of the world’s great spaces for music and other performing arts.

Master Handbook of Acoustics, Fifth Edition – Paperback (Also available for Kindle)

Got a big DIY project?  Get serious about learning more:

This book offers practical instruction on building acoustic environments including recording studios and home listening rooms, with details on how to perform acoustic measurements, select room dimensions, place speakers, and install sound absorbers and diffusers.  If you know a little, this is the next step — this book has a whole lot of details, but is considered one of the best resources available on the subject.

Big project coming up?  Check acoustic materials on Amazon

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