TED Tuesday: Copyright and artmaking in the modern world

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Lawrence Lessig: “Laws that choke creativity”

Starting with the example of John Phillip Sousa, who believed that “talking machines” would be the end of individual musicmaking, noted IP attorney Lawrence Lessig discusses the role of law in a creative world, and what happens when technology changes the rules.

This engaging and thoughtful talk puts the modern world’s rapid changes into new perspective, with clever and hilarious examples of creation via recreation that touch on artists’ and musicians’ work and endeavors in a profound way.

Is copyright law serving the needs of legitimate artmaking in a tech-drenched world? Whether or not you agree with Lessig, his ideas will spark intriguing discussion about fair use and future solutions.  We have shared this talk before, via our social media channels, but it begs repetition.


NPR series:  Exploring the Sharing Economy
–> Take a particular listen to All Tech Considered‘s ‘What Today’s Online Sharing Companies Learned from Napster‘.  Their description of the pioneer file “sharing” company’s attitudes toward copyright and their “Congressman’s Daughter Strategy” offers both fascinating backstory and some potentially huge lessons for those on any side of the issue.

Copyright Unbalanced: From Incentive to Excess, multiple authors – Kindle edition (Also available in paperback)

Another take on the issues Lessig raises, this discussion in print has been well-received by a variety of surprising sources.  Their agenda is clear – the authors have crafted a call for legislative reform.

There are many more items related to this topic on Amazon — the page linked above has several alternative titles that may also provoke some thought, and is offered her primarily as a starting point for further reading.  Take a peek and try to explore multiple vantage points. 

Editor’s note: 

Let’s be clear: the List absolutely supports artists’ right to protect their intellectual property, and we expect all of our readers to adhere to existing copyright laws.  But reform of those laws is coming, and we include the information above in an effort to encourage individual reading and active discussion.  The “copyright wars” have been raging for some time, and there are many viewpoints on this complex issue.  As artists, we must stay informed.  If you’re new to the global discussion, try some creative Googling (with a ready grain of salt) to see what the blogs and media are buzzing about.  Search Amazon and other sites for various published perspectives on the issues.  And please feel free to weigh in by commenting here (with our community’s PlayNice manners in place, please).  We’ll likely continue to post new sources and share various viewpoints from time to time.  LDG


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