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Some weeks, the calendar just looks funny.  Apparently Sunday, 11/17 is just about close to empty (making the concert from the VERDI CHORUS a must see!), while Saturday is packed to the rafters.  C’est la vie — the holiday rush is already here (can you feel it?), and the race to 2013’s finish line has begun.

So, let’s start with our friend Giuseppe: ‘Viva Verdi‘ is an operatic feast with excerpts from four of his most beloved operas.  There are two performances, on Saturday and Sunday, each followed by a 200th Birthday Party for Verdi, hosted by KUSC announcer ALAN CHAPMAN.  For more information and tickets, click here.

Starting Friday, the CHAMBER OPERA PLAYERS OF LOS ANGELES (COPOLA) deal a double bill of small operatic gems, with ‘A Hand of Bridge‘ and ‘Gallantry‘, and starring soprano ARIEL PISTURINO, mezzo JESSICA MAMEY, tenor JOSEPH MICHELS and baritone E. SCOTT LEVIN, all directed by JOSH SHAW, conducted by DAVID RENTZ and accompanied at the piano by DANIEL GLEDHILL.  Two performances (Friday and Saturday) take place at St. Mark’s in Glendale.  The troupe’s website is up — learn more by clicking

That leaves a monster Saturday, packed with everything from a major ‘Art & Music Book Sale‘ to benefit BRAND LIBRARY (not open yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing the results of this massive remodel!); ‘Apollo 14 – A Space Event‘ in the desert; a holiday concert from LA LAWYERS PHILHARMONIC and LEGAL VOICES; and early Baroque gems from bass BRETT MCDERMID and TESSERAE.  Details for all of these events are on the Lister Calendar.

The quartet from the Kirk Choir at Pasadena Presbyterian Church presents a mixed program of “mostly secular” goodies on Saturday night, including  soprano JUDITH SIIRILA PASKOWITZ, alto ADRIAN ESTABROOK MORA, tenor MICHEAL SMITH and bass MICHAL DAWSON CONNOR, with pianist PAUL FLOYD.  Get more details by clicking here.

One more — VOX FEMINA starts their new season with their first full concert of the year, entitled ‘Songs of Wisdom‘.  (Who couldn’t use more of that?)  This group’s energy is infectious, with a true love of singing and the inspired leadership of conductor IRIS LEVINE.  If you haven’t heard them yet, this would be a good introductory concert.  (It even includes turtle wisdom, with the help of some members of the GAY MEN’S CHORUS OF LOS ANGELES.)  For info and tickets, click here.

Whatever you attend this week, may you find a voice of your very own.  As always, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh


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*This post echoed from Lauri’s 11/14/13 column in the Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter. The original is a text-based email newsletter, and images, links and details may differ here.

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