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Halloween, All Souls and Day of the Dead

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Lauri D. Goldenhersh’s Weekly Highlights

This week covers the gamut from the sacred to the profane — With the trifecta of Halloween, All Souls’ Day and the Day of the Dead lined up into the weekend, local orgs are doing their seasonal duties with witches, pagan traditions, requiems and more.  Take your pick:

Many of the most spooky events have taken place over the last week or so, but starting Saturday, LA METROPOLITAN OPERA starts their run of ‘Il Trovatore‘, first in LA (11/2 & 11/3) and then in Santa Monica next weekend (11/9 & 11/10).  This is a weird opera to start with, with mystical themes and a plot pieced together from multiple directions.  But it contains some of the most memorable tunes in the genre, and for that reason, remains a solid favorite.  For details on this productions, click here.

Saturday night, LA MASTER CHORALE performs Orff’s aurally iconic ‘Carmina Burana‘, one of the most recognizable choral works on the planet.  The texts come from sources that are almost unintelligible to modern ears, described so beautifully in the press release as “taken from from the writings of medieval poets, defrocked moons, vagabond scholars and minstrels…”  (Check the calendar or the LAMC website for more juicy details.)  Paired with Verdi’s unforgettable ‘Te Deum‘, this is a concert to make time for.  Click here

Wrap up the weekend with Verdi’s Requiem from PACIFIC CHORALE, at Segerstrom Hall on Sunday.  We don’t usually focus so much on large choral works in this newsletter [CCMN], but this is one week when they’re just too luscious to ignore.  Get details by clicking here.

As usual, more is on the calendar, and we’ll be adding some last-minute submissions by Thursday night.  Whatever alter ego you choose for your annual dress-up this year, make sure they love live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh


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*This post echoed from Lauri’s 10/31/13 column in the Clickable Chamber Music Newsletter. The original is a text-based email newsletter, and images, links and details may differ here.

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