Changing of the guard

Natalie Mann, soprano and List team member We’d like to welcome our brand-new Review Coordinator to the team — Natalie Mann will be taking over our review program as of September, and we’re delighted to be working with her. She has already taken on her first review for us:  check out her coverage of Long Beach Opera’s production of King Gesar, Peter Lieberson’s ‘campfire opera’, here, on the Singerpreneur blog.

Natalie has only been in Southern California a few years, but has already gained a reputation for her sumptuous soprano voice, intelligent performance and her commitment to the craft.  Those smarts and drive will do much to help us further expand and develop the review program that has been built so well by Coril Prochnow Coril Prochnow (left), who, although drawn away from this position by other commitments, will continue to review for us when time permits.  We owe both of these remarkable women a huge “thank you”, as this project is one of the primary ways we can support the local arts community — by giving performances a voice, regardless of advertising budget.

With Natalie’s help, and the support of those on our reviewer roster, we’ll continue to cover SoCal performances involving classical vocalists, cheering them on and stumping for the projects that make the local arts scene vibrant and worthwhile.  Keep an eye out for us — we’ll certainly be watching you!


Learn more: 
  • Click here for information about the review program, and link for our online review request form.
  • Click here to read more about the Lauri’s List Team.  It takes a village!


Originally published in Next 7 — Vocal events thru 9/19/13

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