Happy Birthday, everyone!

How do you sing to a website?  Well if anyone can do it, it’s us…

cupcakes_Llist5thYup, we’re big on milestones around here, and TODAY is LaurisList.com’s fifth birthday — believe it or not, the site has been up five years!  We’ve come a very long way, with more tools, more jobs, more resources and a concert series, to boot.

Big thanks to our team, including but not limited to Carolyn (Schultz) Noonchester, Sherry Hutson, Coril Prochnow, Ariel Pisturino, Vivian Buentiempo-Johnson, Natalie Mann, and so many others.  Thank you all for your hard work, ideas and support, and for helping us spread the word!

And most important, thanks to all of our Listers and the members of our community who make it all possible.  Big hugs through cyberspace!

Lauri sig001



BTW, the site’s favorite flavor is dark chocolate with citrus!  (At least until the next redesign.)

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