Rats! (The best part!)

The prince seeks a bride..
Don Ramiro (Rene Barbera) goes in search of the perfect bride. (Photo by Robert Millard)

On Wednesday night, LA Opera held the final dress rehearsal for Rossini’s La Cenerentola (Cinderella). With maestro James Conlon at the helm, the orchestra played magnificently, laying the the groundwork for the cast to shine. The production, originally from Houston Grand Opera, is relatively low-budget, but it works. There are tons of little surprises throughout, like set pieces transforming to become litters, thrones, staircases, etc., and the addition of dancing rats make it a very family-friendly show.

As for the singing, this cast is very strong to say the least. Catch Kate Lindsey‘s tender moments, René Barbera‘s pingy high Cs (and Ds), Vito Priante prancing about the stage– all while dominating killer coloratura with apparent ease. Not to mention Stacey Tappan and Ronnita Nicole Miller as hilariously wicked stepsisters. I won’t lie to you, though: the rats will steal the show.

Editor’s note

Greg covered for us from the Tweet Seats at Wednesday’s dress rehearsal, and did a great job — kudos and thanks!.  To see the buzz, check out #LAOCinderella on Twitter.  (Never fear — no Twitter account required.)

Want to listen before or after?  Check out the boxed set of
Cecilia Bartoli‘s legendary recording from the early 90s — it’s been flying off the shelves at Amazon since LA Opera suggested it on their site…

The show opens Saturday, March 23 at LA Opera — get tickets here, but get ’em quick!

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