Bravo, Dutchman!

James Creswell, center, as Daland – the sea captain is surrounded by his crew as he prepares to introduce the cloaked figure behind him. (Photo © 2013 Robert Millard)

Congrats to the cast, crew and esp the orchestra of tonight’s dress for Wagner’s Flying Dutchman at LA Opera.  After all the buzz, we (the Tweet Seaters*) didn’t know what to expect from this very modernistic production (reminiscent of ‘Metropolis‘, Fritz Lang‘s iconic film from the 1920s), but truly enjoyed the result!  The orchestral players got a rare but well-deserved onstage bow, and conductor James Conlon did a masterful job of leading the music — as one of our tweeting cohorts said, they were “like butter”, and smooth as silk as they sailed through the large and complex score.

*Tweet Seats is a marketing program for Los Angeles Opera: the selected “crew” of Twitter-savvy opera buffs sits in on dress rehearsals at the invitation of LAO, so we can describe the production and tweet about what we see.  We’re watching you!

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