Hidden Gem: Twelfth day dilemma

  three kings

Two events exhibit Gemhood with tales of three kings’ and the last day of Christmas

Since the commercial world has been flaunting Christmas since October, did you really think you could escape it so easily?  The year may have changed, but we’re still officially in the Christmas season — at least until Epiphany, which is January 6, the actual “twelfth day of Christmas” (with the requisite drummers drumming, for those who can’t remember) and traditionally, the day that created the tale of three kings, gifts, a star, and a baby.  (No, NOT the Tom Selleck movie — the other tale.)

The good news is that two organizations have events planned for this weekend that mark this important moment in the holiday year, but with real meaning and substance.  If you haven’t yet found something special in the 2012 holiday season, there’s still time:

spirit child
Jouyssance:  The Spirit Child
Looking to Native American culture for a new take on the Nativity is both fresh and logical, considering where we live.  Two performances in two locations allow this well-loved ensemble to shine as they share this program that has been very successful for them in the past, and promises to enlighten and delight audiences again.


ioc flyer
Independent Opera Company 
This double bill combines one of the most beloved holiday operas with an operatic telling of O. Henry’s equally beloved holiday tale.  Two performances, on the 6th and the 12th, and very affordable ticket proces make this offering from one of SoCal newest opera companies a must-see.

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