Get involved in 2013

The whole List community is growing.

After 10 years, we’re reaching more people, building better Listers and covering more ground than ever.

If you’d like to get more involved, now is the time to speak up: we’re looking for people to contribute in a variety of ways, as the new year promises to bring much expansion and exciting new networking opportunities to make our community stronger. We need:

    • Writers for our reviewer pool, providing supportive coverage of concerts, shows and events as part of our Community Review Program.   Get writer information here.
    • Content gatherers, aka “our spies” ;-), who help us source everything from auditions and jobs to news links to workshops to training programs to discounts to concertwear to services to books to gadgets and other products, or even just for fun and interesting things (jokes, stories, videos) that would be relevant to the Listerhood. For now, we just need some “men on the street” (and women!) who can keep their eyes peeled and shoot us an email, preferably with links and/or pictures, whenever something interesting crops up.
    • Venue hunters to help with a big resource-building project to launch in 2013.
    • Guest bloggers on a variety of topics: If you write well and have something to say about vocal technique, a life in music, the music business, teaching, health, travel, organization, concert attire, recordings, promotion, management, or whatever, we want to hear from you.
    • Volunteers for events and workshops:  With unSUNg, new workshops, our first Lister Expo and more Gatherings than ever, we’re gonna need some help.  We use volunteers on a rotating basis, depending on availability, so it’s not a huge, ongoing time commitment (unless you want it to be…).  Participation means valuable networking opportunities as well as plenty of other perks.

If any of this sounds intriguing, send us a note and let us know what you’re interested in doing.  We welcome your ideas and feedback, and would love to hear a bit about what you bring to the table.  We’ll add you to the appropriate lists of potential candidates, and get in touch with you once a need arises.  Then you can decide if you’re interested in that opportunity.

Thank you all for your support over the years.  First and foremost, this community is about just that — community.  We’re building connections and a stronger network as fast as we can, and it’s gonna be great.

We look forward to working with you!  Contact us here.

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