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Backstage, the essential resource for theater and film actors on both coasts, requires a subscription for access to audition listings (sound familiar?), so many singers tend to ignore it unless they’re actively seeking jobs in musical theater.  However, the website holds an enormous wealth of resources that could apply to classical vocal performers and other artists, as well, and should be a regular stop in your online trawls for career wisdom.  (If you’re not regularly reading about your business, that’s another issue that we’re sure to cover in a different post!)

Amy Jo BermanA recent article by Amy Jo Berman is a prime example of the points where Listers and actors collide:  apparently audition anxiety isn’t just our domain.  Her insights and approach are refreshing and substantive, more applicable than the usual “happy thoughts” mantra that, for some, is too often ineffective and superflous.  Consultant and founder of Audition Polish, Berman is a former casting veep from HBO and one-half of the bicoastal Creative Energy Consultants.

Check out the article here:  “How To Not Doubt Yourself After An Audition”

…and be sure to add Backstage to your bookmarks, feeds, Likes, follows, or whatever keeps you in the loop!

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