Hidden Gem: History, still in the making

To Rome With Love

Litany of legendary artists join forces
to celebrate 150 years of freedom 

Music Untold has created an historic event for Los Angeles and the US in general:  celebrating one of the most important moments in our nation’s ongoing struggle for humanity, they’ve joined with KUSC to create a monumental event at the lovely AT&T Center Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.  Featuring the likes of tenor George Shirley, soprano Latonia Moore (recently seen as the captivating lead in The Industry’s ‘Crescent City’) and baritone Donnie Ray Albert, this is an extraordinary listening opportunity that singers, in particular, should not miss.  Be there.

150th Anniversary Emancipation Proclamation Concert

Saturday, Sept 22, 7:30pm
(Pre-concert lecture starts at 6:30pm)

AT&T Center Theatre
1139 S Hill St. / 1150 S Olive St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(NOTE:  The flyer and the venue website show two different addresses, but they’re both for the same place — just different entrances to the big building with “at&t” at the top.    Venue and parking information is available on the ticketing page, or on Goldstar’s excellent venue page.)


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Originally published in Next 7 — Vocal events through 9/27/12

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