LA’s best voices show their brassy stuff

Hollywood is home to a vocal project that is drawing drawing bona fide excitement from fans and performers alike:  Singers Elite‘s Vocal Big Band” has deconstructed the classic sound of a 40s-style jazz engine, replacing the horns and strings with… singers!  The sound is surprising, even magnetic, and is creating a buzz across the industry.

Jazz heavyweights have shown interest in performing with the group (Manhattan Transfer’s Janis Siegel calls them “fantastic”), the YouTube demo is smokin’, and project mastermind Jim Raycroft rightfully crows to the List, “They’re talking about it all over the world, and it’s US!”

Several of our own Listers are involved, including Jim himself, Elin Carlson, Shawn Kirchner, Fletcher Sheridan, Karen Hogle Brown and Leanna Brand, to name just a few.

Check out what they’re up to, and please 1) view and share their YouTube video and 2) Like their Facebook page to show your support.  We’ll keep you posted about possible concerts and/or album releases, as we have collective fingers crossed…

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