Tweet Seats: LAO’s ‘La Boheme’

LAO Bohemelogo

Guest tweeter:

Sherry Hutson 

Many thanks to our intrepid events moderator for representing the List at Wednesday’s LA Opera dress rehearsal.   Sherry sent tweets via text (her first foray into the world of microblogging!), along with the other crew of “Tweet Seaters“, invited by the opera company to chronicle this new production.  They got a private backstage tour and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

This new marketing project is part of a burgeoning trend among cultural organizations of all sizes: they’re putting the power of social media to work, inviting selected tech-savvy supporters to create buzz around an event or a program.  To see what this week’s crew produced, search for #LAOBoheme — no account required.

Are you or your company using social marketing to spread the word?  We want to hear about it — Contact us, so we can tell the List about your experience!


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