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Angeles Chorale breaks its own mold

Writers about American music have long hinted at a sort of national inferiority complex, as if our “serious” artistic wares don’t stack up to the hundreds of years of achievement by Western composers elsewhere. However, our own national traditions, newish as they may be, have withstood time’s tests, and are being wholly embraced by many ensembles who more usually glorify the work of the WEMs*.

Angeles Chorale devotes this Saturday’s program to a much more diverse batch of talent, exploring modern repertoire that is uniquely American. The centerpiece of this performance is the Gospel Mass by Robert Ray, hailed the world over as a true expression of worshipful joy. Led by artistic director Dr. John Sutton, and performed with jazz ensemble and featuring soloists Eyvonne Williams-Hines and Darnell Abraham — you’ll need your best foot-tapping shoes.

* White European Males

Angeles Chorale presents

American Experience:
Spirituals, Gospel and Jazz

Saturday, March 24, 8pm

First United Methodist Church
500 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena

Map & Directions

Tickets $25, or $17 for students with valid ID
Call (818) 591-1735 for reservations

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Originally published 3/23/12 in Next 7 — Vocal events through 3/29

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