Surprising pages: Three non-singing books singers should read

Of course, not everyone likes to read.  But if you want to succeed, your bookstore, your library or even your friends can be the first step to learning the crucial skills to keep your momentum going.  Think beyond the usual biographies and rep references, and pick something up that can teach you about your career.  Here are a few choices (with links for more info) to get you started.


The Complete Artist’s Way
Julia Cameron’s self-directed creativity programs are so popular that their recommendation is almost cliché, but a new edition combines her three programmed volumes–The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World, and Finding Water–into one edition for about $20.  Not just must have, but must do.


My So-Called Freelance Life (cover)My So-Called Freelance Life
This witty and insightful book by Michelle Goodman may be focused on writers, but they’ve long had better guidance than we do, and writers have a lot to say about survival.  Goodman says it with style, creating a hilarious read that’s also highly encouraging.


Organizing for the Creative PersonOrganizing for the Creative Person
Lemkuhl and Lamping’s clever little book, first published in 1993, is so insightful and clearly drawn that its message has a lot of staying power.  Not just full of tips and tricks, it doesn’t make empty promises about a glorious future of bins and labels:  it helps you understand your own (or your spouse’s) visual and organizational needs.  An easy read with substance, it’s a great long-term use of about $10.



We plan to make book and other resource recommendations a more regular fixture
in The Links, simply because there’s always more to learn.
Enjoy, and send us your suggestions!

Originally published in The Links #208, 9/3/09

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