Two opera skills sites worth a peek

The Opera Audition is a new blog, penned by Bill Florescu of Milwaukee’s Florentine Opera Company.  He has a lot to say on the audition process and how to hone those skills, and the writing’s pretty good — although he writes with a sort of stream-of-consciousness style, it’s easy to follow unlike so many other blogs available.  You can join and subscribe through Google Friends.

Opera Karaoke, a “virtual coach” for the classical singer, offers aria tracks and diction tracks for commonly studied arias across the repertoire.  Tracks can be purchased individually, as needed, or a subscription plan is available for unlimited downloading.  The tracks are on piano, not MIDI, the recordings are high-quality, and the samples we listed to showed a lot of musicality and knowledge of style. The site also offers two new services, where you can either request a new piece or purchase the rights to a track so it can be used in audition, performance or as part of a recording.  Their collection is always growing, so keep an eye out!



Originally published in The Links #181, 7/20/09

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