The last couple of weeks have been full of drama, decisions, and a calendar packed with grand finales. (And I’m not just talking about Ted Lasso, Mrs. Maisel, Succession, and the like.) With so many presenters and ensembles wrapping up their season and graduations either done or looming, there’s a lot of au revoir in … Read more

Why we’re leaving Twitter

As I’m sure you’re all reading every word on this blog 😉, you may be aware of the concerns and frustration I’ve found as Twitter has devolved over the last year or so. The List has made friends, gleaned news, cheered for projects and built relationships there, and benefits have been reaped. But the atmosphere … Read more

Nina explains the debt limit deal

The amazing Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Executive Director of Americans for the Arts, has proven her keen insights into policy matters over many years, and getting on that organization’s mailing list is an essential step toward learning more about the arts across the country, and how our government policies impact what we do. Yesterday’s explanation of … Read more


The arts season isn’t just about growth. It’s when we show off our very best, when organizations are looking ahead and culminating at the same time. The surge of activity, before the summer doldrums, can leave performers and audiences on a high, and we ride that momentum through the hotter months. And all of that … Read more

Big finish in progress

We’re starting the thick of graduation and finale season: the next few weeks will hold arts orgs’ biggest events to wrap up seasons, as well as all kinds of activities that bridge the transition between spring and summer… and for many, new lives. This means plenty of choral music, especially programs with a mix of … Read more

We’re back

Very happy to return after a nerve injury had me sidelined for a few weeks. (Laptops like users to sit up, apparently.) Thanks to all for your patience, and for keeping the music going without me. There was plenty cheering from the sidelines! We’re heading into the last weeks of the classical season, and there … Read more

POP is growing up with new ED, new HQ (and possibly more acronyms to come!)

Katherine Powers, new Executive Director for Pacific Opera Project

With a new headquarters in the works and a new Executive Director, it’s clear that Pacific Opera Project is building for the future.

Mind like water

I’d like to offer up a simple concept that has helped many, and may help you if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or out of control. (First off, you’re not alone, or this post wouldn’t seem necessary!) It comes from the Japanese Mizu no Kokoro, commonly translated as “Mind like water”. This concept is rooted in … Read more

Finding your social media groove

Don’t let social media take over your life. By assigning specific functions to a few platforms you enjoy, you can maximize your impact and keep things interesting for different audiences.

Energy burst

The official first day of spring is coming up this week, and California has felt like it’s experiencing a huge growth spurt. With so much rain (thank goodness) and more arts happenings taking place everywhere, the world seems to be charged with excitement, even as we continue to learn to live cautiously with COVID. Spring … Read more

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